Meet Marta Kaminska


Researcher Explores Link Between Parkinson’s and Sleep Apnea

Can Parkinson’s patients with sleep apnea enjoy a higher quality life if their sleep apnea is treated? Does sleep apnea accelerate the process of neurodegenerative decline? Or is sleep apnea somehow brought on by the disease itself?

These are some of the questions that spark Marta Kaminska’s curiosity. With an ATS Foundation early career investigator award, Dr. Kaminska, assistant professor in respiratory diseases at McGill University, has teamed up with a neurologist to study the effect of sleep apnea on cognitive dysfunction with Parkinson’s disease.

“Medicine has come to realize that many Parkinson’s patients have difficulty sleeping, daytime fatigue, depression, and cognitive impairments, as well as motor-skill problems,” says Dr. Kaminska. “Could it be that many of these non-motor problems are the result of sleep apnea?”

Dr. Kaminska says that the ATS Foundation grant “will let me grow my study and publish the results,” putting her in a better position to secure a major grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.