Meet Dorothy Cheung


Dorothy Cheung, MD, of the Medical College of Wisconsin, is a 2011 recipient of an ATS Foundation/Merck grant on asthma.

It is known that early-life respiratory viral infections increase the risk for developing asthma and allergic disease. In her study, Dr. Cheung identified a subset of innate immune cells that, when reduced, leads to a lesser degree of post-viral asthma in mice. Dr. Cheung has helped validate the existence of similar cells in humans, potentially leading to the development of new therapies for asthma prevention in the future.

“Thanks to the ATS Foundation grant, my institution was much more confident in investing in my research endeavors. As a result, I was able to receive a K08 grant from the NIH in 2013.”

The exciting research conducted by Dr. Cheung and the over 200 other recipients of ATS Foundation Research Program grants is made possible by the support of our generous ATS Foundation donors.