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Meet William Lawson

William Lawson

William Lawson, MD, is grateful for his 2006 ATS Foundation Research Program award, and believes the award played an important part in jumpstarting his research career.

Dr. Lawson is now an associate professor at Vanderbilt University and director of their Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program.

In addition to his research on the role of alveolar epithelial cell dysfunction in pulmonary fibrosis, he continues his clinical service work at the Nashville Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Dr. Lawson is committed to nurturing the career development of young investigators, and is a generous supporter of the ATS Foundation.

When asked what he wished other people knew about the Foundation, Dr. Lawson replied, “The money raised by the ATS Foundation goes directly to support its research programs. The Foundation’s impact is enormous—many investigators in pulmonary research have benefitted from ATS Foundation grants, and many important discoveries have been made that hold promise for impacting the health of individuals with pulmonary diseases.”

The ATS supports the ATS Foundation’s administrative expenses, assuring that every dollar contributed goes directly to support programs.