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Meet Sande Okelo

Sande Okelo, MD, PhD

Sande Okelo, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and director of the UCLA Pediatric Asthma Center.

One of our newest awardees, Dr. Okelo is the recipient of a 2015 ATS Foundation/Breathe California of LA Research Grant.

The opportunity to improve asthma care for vulnerable populations inspires his work.

“Asthma is a common disease that can be controlled when properly treated,” says Dr. Okelo. “Unfortunately, proper treatment is often lacking in vulnerable populations, particularly low-income, under-served, African-American, Latino and U.S. Spanish-speaking populations.”

A longtime ATS member, Dr. Okelo appreciates the commitment of ATS and the Foundation to supporting important research that covers a breadth of topics and methodologies.

His research focuses on the predictive validity of an emergency department questionnaire for pediatric asthma patients.

Dr. Okelo is excited by the opportunity his ATS Foundation Research Program grant provides to hopefully take a meaningful step forward in improving asthma care and outcomes.

Thank you, Dr. Okelo, for sharing your story!

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