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Meet Lynn Schnapp

Lynn Schnapp

Lynn Schnapp, MD, received a 2004 Research Program Career Investigator Award that was pivotal for her career.

“That grant enabled me to bridge between my career development award and an R01,” says Dr. Schnapp.

With protected time for research and the opportunity to generate preliminary data, she successfully competed for her R01 the following year.

As her research continues to evolve, the Schnapp Lab at the University of Washington still focuses on acute lung injury and HIV-related lung diseases.

Dr. Schnapp advocates for the ATS Foundation Research Program, gives generously, and encourages her fellows to apply for grants.

One of her fellows, Chi Hung, MD, went on to receive a 2013 Research Program partner grant that helped him achieve his first K award last year.

When Dr. Schnapp is not working, she’s an avid runner. Last year, she ran the Antarctica Marathon among the gusty winds, freezing temperatures, and penguins.I want to run a race on every continent,” says Dr. Schnapp. Not necessarily a marathon, but a race, and I’ve got Antarctica out of the way.

Today, Dr. Schnapp is the division chief for pulmonary, critical care, allergy, and sleep medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, and continues her dedication to nurturing the next generation of physician scientists.

“These are challenging times for people in academics—there’s a lot of uncertainty,” notes Dr. Schnapp. “It’s critically important we keep the best and brightest in the field, keep them in academics, keep them inspired and excited about their work, and continue a strong tradition of ATS supporting research from bench to bedside.”

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