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Meet Janet Lee

Janet Lee

ATS Foundation Research Program Grant Opens Up a Fruitful Conversation

Janet S. Lee, MD, received a 2005 ATS Foundation/GlaxoSmithKline Partnership grant at an unusual point in her career.

She had just left the University of Washington to join the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. The head of pulmonary, allergy, and critical care medicine encouraged her to apply for the grant to collaborate with new colleagues while expanding her interests in lung innate immunity and inflammation.

Her research looked at chemokines (molecules that marshal immune cells), and the role they might play in COPD. “I already worked with chemokines, but wanted to bridge the gap between basic biology and clinical understanding,” she recalls. “From Day 1, it opened up a conversation. I had to meet colleagues and translate findings with molecules to COPD.”

Now an associate professor, Dr. Lee says that the grant also enabled her to align her research and clinical interests in lung inflammation and injury and helped her receive her first R01 and several other awards.

Dr. Lee considers herself fortunate to have received the ATS Foundation research grant, and believes it’s important to give back. She contributes generously to the ATS Foundation, noting that she wants to “make this opportunity possible for others to sustain our commitment to research and build the next generation of scientists.”

Learn more about Dr. Lee’s work in this video

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