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Meet Elizabeth Redente

Elizabeth Redente

“The ATS Foundation award gave my career a huge boost!”

“It’s empowering to receive a career development award from the ATS Foundation, because the funding climate is so difficult,” says Elizabeth Redente, PhD, research scientist at VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System and National Jewish Health, and 2013 recipient of an ATS Foundation Recognition Award—also known as a “Bridge Award.”

Dr. Redente received her award when she came close to, but did not meet, the NIH pay line in 2013.The Foundation award gave Dr. Redente protected time to generate preliminary data to improve her original NIH application (focused on identifying new therapeutic targets for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) and to write several other grant proposals.

And this protected time paid off—Dr. Redente went on to win not one but three prestigious research awards following her Foundation grant.

“It was uplifting to know the Foundation was excited by my research questions and invested in my work as a new investigator,” says Dr. Redente, adding, “the reason I do this research is to beneficially impact patients’ lives. We hope that the research we’re doing on the bench can eventually change and impact their quality of life.”

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