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Meet Bradley Edwards

bradley edwards

Obesity is likely the greatest risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea. Why then do some people lose a lot of weight still suffer from sleep apnea?

This question is central to a study Bradley Edwards, PhD, senior research fellow in the Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory at Monash University. Recently, he received $720,000 (AUD) from the Australian government, equivalent to NIH R01 funding, to conduct research. This latest study of his is designed to enroll 60 obese patients with sleep apnea to undergo bariatric surgery.

Dr. Edwards says that he was able to land the grant because of pilot data obtained from Foundation-supported research, which showed strong preliminary evidence for the benefits of alternative treatments. Five years ago he received an unrestricted research grant in the amount of $40,000 (USD) from the ATS Foundation.

Although there is a strong link between obesity and sleep apnea, the physiology behind this association has yet to be determined. With the new grant, Dr. Edwards and his team of nine researchers will measure the physiological factors that they believe contribute to this association, both before and after study participants undergo bariatric surgery.

Although a CPAP device is currently the gold standard for sleep apnea treatment, Dr. Edwards hopes his findings will accelerate more personalized approaches and better enable clinicians to predict who will benefit from different types of therapies.

Dr. Edwards says that he is indebted to the ATS Foundation for making individualized OSA therapy a major focus of his research. He credits the 2013 unrestricted grant with helping him “get a leg up” on his career: “I’m glad they took a chance on me—and are continuing to with other young investigators.”

Thank you, Dr. Edwards, for sharing your story!

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