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Awardee Stories

Research can change the future. Your support makes an impact on the research experience of young investigators.

Benjamin Medoff I was at the tail end of my K08 and trying to take my research in a new and independent direction. This award not only extended the time I had to prepare my R01 application, but also gave me more freedom to take risks in my experimental approach.”
Benjamin Medoff, MD, Recipient of a 2007 ATS Foundation Unrestricted Research Grant

Dorothy Cheung

“Thanks to the ATS Foundation grant, my institution was much more confident in investing in my research endeavors. As a result, I was able to receive a K08 grant from the NIH in 2013.”
Dorothy Cheung, MD, Recipient of a 2011 ATS Foundation/Merck Research Grant in Asthma

Marta Kaminska

“Medicine has come to realize that many Parkinson’s patients have difficulty sleeping, daytime fatigue, depression, and cognitive impairments, as well as motor-skill problems. Could it be that many of these non-motor problems are the result of sleep apnea?"
Marta Kaminska, MD, Recipient of a 2013 ATS Foundation Recognition Award for Outstanding Early Career Investigators

The ATS Foundation’s initial investment of $16 million has resulted in over $215 million in subsequent funds from the federal government to our awardees. That’s a return on investment of $13 per dollar awarded.

ATS Foundation Research Program awardees go on to establish laboratories where they publish their findings in the world’s leading journals… achieve leadership positions at prominent institutions… mentor the next generation of researchers and clinicians… and develop promising new treatments for complex lung diseases.

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