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Meet Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant

Grant Opens Up New Area of Research, Hope

Andrew Bryant, MD, credits the ATS Foundation/Pulmonary Hypertension Association grant he received in 2012 with his research career. “I never would have got this positon”—he’d recently joined the University of Florida as a physician-scientist—“without the grant.”

Dr. Bryant is one of only a few researchers studying pulmonary hypertension, or PH, that occurs in patients secondary to other serious lung diseases like COPD. According to Dr. Bryant, secondary PH is “entirely different” from primary PH and requires a “paradigm shift” in research and treatment.

At a time when launching a research career takes tremendous grit, Dr. Bryant minimizes the burden, saying research represents a “calling and opportunity.” He recalls with pride one of his preceptors at Vanderbilt, where he was a fellow, telling a patient with secondary PH that “Dr. Bryant is going to figure out this problem.”

For his part, Dr. Bryant says, whatever answers lay ahead, he finds joy in helping patients and providing hope to them and their loved ones.

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