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Tributes and Memorials

Honor a loved one

You can honor a friend or relative, or celebrate the birthday of a lung disease survivor by donating to the American Thoracic Society (ATS) Foundation. You may also honor the memory of a loved one or colleague.

The ATS Foundation will send a card to the individual you honor or the family of the person you have memorialized, letting them know of your thoughtful gift and the important work it supports.

“Research to do transplants better…research to have medication that can stop the progression of the disease…research to help find a cure. We need all of it, all of it has to come together as one.”

— Heather S., pulmonary fibrosis activist and recipient of a double-lung transplant

The ATS Foundation awards research grants to young investigators working to find cures and treatments for patients with respiratory diseases. Please consider the Foundation as one way to honor your loved one.

To make a tribute or memorial gift, click here.

To share your story about the person you’ve honored, please contact Ally Felix at afelix@thoracic.org.

The ATS supports the ATS Foundation’s administrative expenses, assuring that every dollar contributed goes directly to support programs.