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Recurring Giving

Debbie Drell

Debbie Drell is the senior director of volunteer services for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, and chair of the ATS Public Advisory Roundtable.

“Research kicks the door down and lets patients walk through it,” says Debbie.

Debbie finds recurring giving an easy way to make a big impact: “I know that every month—I don’t even have to think about it—I am sending support for this Research Program that is bringing in new voice, new blood (pun intended), new energy, and new minds—the genius that we need to keep tapping into.”

Become an ATS Foundation Recurring Giver today!

Simply select the “Recurring Gift” option on our online giving form:

Become an ATS Foundation Recurring Giver today!

ATS Foundation Recurring Givers provide our programs with a steady and dependable flow of income.

Your commitment ensures the funds are in place to support the programs that have made the ATS Foundation so effective in launching careers dedicated to scientific discovery and better patient care.

Being an ATS Foundation Recurring Giver is a convenient way to make a big difference:

  1. You can give more, but you feel it less. Maybe a one-time gift of $300 isn’t in the budget, but your monthly gift of $25 will equal that amount in just one year—making your giving easier.
  2. You can authorize a charge from your credit or debit card. A record of each payment will appear on your statement and will serve as your receipt—making your giving convenient.
  3. You can receive fewer requests for support because you’ve already made your commitment—that’s less mail and email.
  4. Plus, ATS Foundation Recurring Givers keep costs and overhead low—making your giving go even further.

Your recurring bank or credit card payments will continue until you notify ATS Foundation otherwise—no need to renew! You may cancel or change your recurring gift at any time by notifying ATS Foundation at foundation@thoracic.org or 212-315-6464. A record of each payment will appear on your monthly bank or credit card statement and will serve as your receipt.

The ATS Foundation, Inc. is 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The ATS supports the ATS Foundation’s administrative expenses, assuring that every dollar contributed goes directly to support programs.