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Research Takes Patients to Great Heights

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes knows that research can take patients to great heights.

A cystic fibrosis patient-advocate, Isabel received a double-lung transplant twelve years ago. She praises the researchers whose scientific discoveries have kept her alive.

Will you support scientific discovery and better patient care by making your best possible gift to the ATS Foundation today?

Isabel is a walking, breathing, and hiking example of how research changes patients’ lives.

I went up to 11,000 feet where I was breathing just fine!!! I feel so grateful for all the researchers who have indirectly allowed me to reach such extraordinary highs—literally and figuratively—in my life.

Sadly, many promising young investigators are being pushed out of the field due to a lack of research funding.

What you do matters. Your gift matters. For the researchers and for the patients and families who will benefit from their scientific advances.

Together, we can raise $850,000 for young investigator research grants before year’s end.


Dean Schraufnagel, MD
ATS Foundation Chair

P.S. You can learn more about applying for ATS Foundation Research Program awards here.

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