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2015 Honor Roll of Donors

The ATS Foundation is pleased to recognize our generous donors who contributed from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Thank you to our:

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Research Program Partners*

$60,000 or more

  • Scleroderma Foundation
  • American Lung Association
  • Breathe California of Los Angeles County
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Association
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation
  • Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine/The Association of Specialty Professions
  • Alpha-1 Foundation
  • Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network
*Dollars represent the total amount allocated for new and ongoing 2015 awards.

Seventh Annual Research Program Benefit Corporate Supporters

$100,000 Sapphire Level Supporter

  • Genentech
$60,000 Platinum Level Supporters
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Genentech - Novartis
$25,000 Gold Level Supporters
  • AstraZeneca
  • University of Colorado Health
$10,000 Silver Level Supporters
  • Freeman Decorating Services, Inc.
  • Meda
  • Teva Respiratory

The Edward Livingston Trudeau Society**
  • William C. Bailey, MD
  • A. Sonia Buist, MD
  • David W. Cugell, MD
  • James F. Donohue, MD
  • Oscar H. Friedman, MD†
  • Robert B. Mellins, MD†
  • Sharon I. S. Rounds, MD
  • Gerard M. Turino, MD
  • Jo Rae Wright, PhD†

**These individuals have included the ATS Foundation in their estate plans.  †Deceased

10th Anniversary Campaign Commitments

$100,000 or more

  • James F. Donohue, MD

$50,000 or more

  • Gerard M. Turino, MD*

$25,000 or more

  • David W. Cugell, MD*
  • Sharon I. S. Rounds, MD*
  • University of Colorado Health

$15,000 or more

  • John H. Hansen-Flaschen, MD*
  • Nicholas S. Hill, MD*
  • Susanna A. McColley, MD*
  • Richard K. Murray, MD*
  • Theodore Reiss, MD, MBE*
  • Dean Schraufnagel, MD*

$10,000 or more

  • James D. Crapo, MD+

$5,000 or more

  • Linda Nici, MD*

10th Anniversary Campaign Contributor

  • Norman L. Dean, MD*
  • David Ingbar, MD
  • Anthony M. Marinelli, MD*
  • Lewis J. Smith, MD*

A special thanks to the American Thoracic Society for its generous gift of $1,000,000 over five years to the ATS Foundation Research Program

*Over three years  +Over two years

Visionaries: $10,000 or more
  • David W. Cugell, MD
  • James F. Donohue, MD
  • Sarvajna K. Dwivedi, PhD
  • Freeman Decorating Services, Inc.
  • Theodore F. Reiss, MD, MBE
  • Sharon I. S. Rounds, MD
  • Gerard M. Turino, MD
  • University of Colorado Health

Innovators: $5,000-$9,999
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Cedars-Sinai, Department of Medicine - Peter Chen, MD, and Paul W. Noble, MD
  • James D. Crapo, MD
  • Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Associates
  • John H. Hansen-Flaschen, MD
  • Nicholas S. Hill, MD
  • Atul Malhotra, MD
  • Massachusetts General Hospital - Benjamin Medoff, MD, and Andrew W. Tager, MD
  • Susanna A. McColley, MD
  • National Jewish Health - Richard J. Martin, MD
  • Dean E. Schraufnagel, MD
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine - William C. Bailey, MD, and Victor J. Thannickal, MD
  • University of California-San Diego, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine - Atul Malhotra, MD
  • University of California-San Francisco, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy & Sleep Medicine
  • University of Colorado Denver - Mark W. Geraci, MD, and David A. Schwartz, MD
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medicine - Patricia W. Finn, MD
  • University of Pittsburgh, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine - Mark T. Gladwin, MD, and Rama Mallampalli, MD
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine - Nizar N. Jarjour, MD
  • Yale School of Medicine, Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine - Naftali Kaminski, MD

Founders: $2,500-$4,999
  • Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
  • Boston University School of Medicine, Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep and Critical Care Section - David Center, MD
  • Mark L. Brantly, MD
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine - Bruce D. Levy, MD
  • A. Sonia Buist, MD
  • William W. Busse, MD
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD
  • Thomas W. Ferkol, MD, Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
  • Jeffrey L. Glassroth, MD
  • Keck School of Medicine of USC, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine - Zea Borok, MD, and Edward Crandall, MD
  • Talmadge E. King Jr., MD
  • Monica Kraft, MD
  • Gerald M. Loughlin, MD
  • Richard A. Matthay, MD
  • Richard K. Murray, MD
  • Colin Reisner, MD, FCCP
  • Stanford School of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care - Mark R. Nicolls, MD
  • University of Arizona College of Medicine 
  • University of Michigan Medical School
  • University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine
  • Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine - Michael J. Holtzman, MD
  • Sally E. Wenzel, MD

Discoverers: $1,000-$2,499
  • Steven H. Abman, MD
  • Micheala Aldred, PhD
  • Donna J. Appell, RN
  • J. Steven Arnold, MD
  • M. Safwan Badr, MD
  • William C. Bailey, MD
  • Ronald C. Balkissoon, MD
  • Teresa Richardson Barnes
  • Thomas P. Bleck, MD
  • Jane Elizabeth Bourke, BS (Hons), PhD
  • Shannon S. Carson, MD
  • A. Brent Carter, MD
  • Antonino Catanzaro, MD
  • George H. Caughey, MD
  • David M. Center, MD
  • Vanessa J. Craig, MD
  • Stephen C. Crane, PhD, MPH
  • J. Randall R. Curtis, MD, MPH
  • Jeffrey L. Curtis, MD
  • Loren C. Denlinger, MD, PhD
  • Dennis E. Doherty, MD
  • Michael P. Donahoe, MD
  • Ramona L. Doyle, MD
  • Anthony D. D’Urzo, MD
  • Jack A. Elias, MD
  • Serpil C. Erzurum, MD
  • Leonardo M. Fabbri, MD
  • Carolyn M. Fruci, MD, PhD
  • Etsuo Fujita, MD
  • Joe G. N. Garcia, MD
  • Arthur F. Gelb, MD
  • Lynn B. Gerald, PhD, MSPH
  • David Gozal, MD, MBA, and Leila Kheirandish-Gozal, MSc, MD
  • LeRoy M. Graham Jr., MD
  • Robin L. Gross, MD
  • Jesse B. Hall, MD
  • Nicola A. Hanania, MD, MS
  • Paul M. Hassoun, MD
  • Philip C. Hopewell, MD
  • Howard J. Huang, MD
  • Laurence Huang, MD
  • Rolf D. Hubmayr, MD
  • Robert C. Hyzy, MD
  • Nizar N. Jarjour, MD
  • Landon S. King, MD
  • James R. Klinger, MD
  • Jerry A. Krishnan, MD, PhD
  • Geoffrey Kurland, MD
  • William E. Lawson, MD, and Laura L. Lawson, MD
  • Stephen C. Lazarus, MD
  • Janet Lee, MD
  • Louis S. Libby, MD
  • Loma Linda University Medical Center, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
  • Neil R. MacIntyre, MD
  • Richard J. Martin, MD
  • Thomas R. Martin, MD
  • William J. Martin II, MD
  • Fernando D. Martinez, MD
  • James E. Metz, DDS
  • Alan H. Morris, MD
  • Peter E. Morris, MD
  • Marc Moss, MD
  • Alfred Munzer, MD
  • Gokhan M. Mutlu, MD
  • Samya Z. Nasr, MD
  • Lydia Neumann
  • John D. Newell Jr., MD
  • Linda Nici, MD
  • Heber C. Nielsen, MD
  • Masaharu Nishimura, MD
  • Perry G. Nystrom, MD
  • Mitchell A. Olman, MD
  • Reynold A. Panettieri Jr., MD
  • Howard B. Panitch, MD
  • Amit D. Parulekar, MD
  • Marc Peters-Golden, MD
  • Michael I. Plotnick, MD
  • Alan L. Plummer, MD
  • Charles A. Powell, MD
  • Y. S. Prakash, MD, PhD
  • Deborah A. Quinn, MD
  • Paul M. Quinton, MD
  • Lee B. Reichman, MD, MPH
  • Stephen I. Rennard, MD
  • Richard Bernhard Estate
  • Karen M. Ridge, PhD
  • Andrew L. Ries, MD, MPH
  • Carolyn L. Rochester, MD
  • Jesse Roman Rodriguez, MD
  • Kristie R. Ross, MD, MS
  • Bernard J. Roth, MD
  • Robert D. Schreiner, MD
  • David A. Schwartz, MD
  • Marvin I. Schwarz, MD
  • Steven Shak, MD
  • John W. Shigeoka, MD
  • Gary A. Smith, CRT, National Board for Respiratory Care
  • Roger G. Spragg, MD
  • Kent Steele
  • Charlie B. Strange III, MD
  • Robert M. Strieter, MD
  • Kingman P. Strohl, MD
  • Jacob I. Sznajder, MD
  • Elizabeth K. Tam, MD
  • Mihaela Teodorescu, MD, MS
  • Gregory N. Thompson, MD
  • Gregory Tino, MD
  • Michelle Turenne
  • University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences
  • Shelia Marie Violette, PhD
  • William M. Vollmer, PhD
  • Jeffrey S. Wagener, MD
  • Lorraine B. Ware, MD
  • Jadwiga A. Wedzicha, MD, PhD
  • Debra E. Weese-Mayer, MD
  • Gail G. Weinmann, MD
  • Carolyn H. Welsh, MD
  • Ok Hi Yoo, MD
  • Pamela L. Zeitlin, MD, PhD

Pioneers: $500-$999
  • Jerrold L. Abraham, MD
  • Mohinder P. Ahluwalia, MD
  • William A. Altemeier, MD
  • Charles W. Atwood Jr., MD
  • David H. Au, MD, MS
  • David B. Badesch, MD
  • John R. Balmes, MD
  • Sarah Beesley, MD
  • Timothy D. Bigby, MD
  • Nils E. Billo, MD
  • Jeffrey B. Bloomer, MD
  • Zea Borok, MD
  • Sidney S. Braman, MD, and Judy Braman
  • Steven L. Brody, MD
  • James and Gaile Browne
  • Esteban Gonzalez Burchard, MD, MPH
  • Edward Michael Canham, MD
  • Juan C. Celedon, DrPH, MD
  • Harold A. Chapman Jr., MD
  • Michelle M. Cloutier, MD
  • Ernest K. Cotton, MD
  • Courtney Crim Sr., MD
  • Bruce H. Culver, MD
  • Charles L. Daley, MD
  • Robin R. Deterding, MD
  • Anne E. Dixon, MD
  • Charles W. Emala Sr., MD
  • Karen A. Fagan, MD
  • Harrison W. Farber, MD
  • Erik Garpestad, MD
  • Gilead Sciences
  • Matthew Gingo, MS, MD
  • Philip M. Gold, MD
  • Monica Prasad Goldklang, MD
  • Michael B. Green, MBA, MD
  • David M. Guidot, MD
  • Susan H. Guttentag, MD
  • Jack R. Harkema, DVM, PhD
  • John E. Heffner, MD
  • Mary Elizabeth C. Hernandez, MD
  • Douglas B. Hornick, MD
  • David W. Hudgel, MD
  • Omar Hussain, DO
  • Kazuo Isono, MD
  • David W. Kamp, MD
  • Stephen P. Kantrow, MD
  • Steven G. Kelsen, MD
  • Gwendolyn Kerby, MD
  • R. John Kimoff, MD
  • Robert A. Klocke, MD
  • Henry Koziel, MD
  • David J. Lederer, MD, MS
  • Robert F. Lemanske Jr., MD
  • David M. Lewinsohn, MD, PhD
  • Janice M. Liebler, MD
  • James E. Loyd, MD
  • Yolanda N. Mageto, MD, MPH
  • Thomas J. Mariani, PhD
  • Anthony M. Marinelli, MD
  • Mary Michele Mariscalco, MD
  • Gustavo Matute-Bello, MD
  • Janet R. Maurer, MD
  • Francis X. McCormack Jr., MD
  • Tom McKarns
  • Ivan F. McMurtry, PhD
  • Atul C. Mehta, MBBS
  • Mark Moloney
  • Joel Moss, MD, PhD
  • Judith A. Neubauer, PhD
  • Lawrence M. Nogee, MD
  • Jill A. Ohar, MD
  • Molly L. Osborne, MD, PhD
  • Christina M. Pabelick, MD
  • Robert Paine III, MD
  • Gibbe H. Parsons, MD
  • Susheel P. Patil, MD, PhD
  • James R. Patterson, MD
  • William Thomas Pluss, MD
  • Vsevolod Y. Polotsky, MD, PhD
  • Ravindra C. Rajmane, MD
  • Scott H. Randell, PhD
  • Lynn F. Reinke, PhD, APRN,BC
  • Debra J. Romberger, MD
  • James A. Rowley, MD
  • David P.L. Sachs, MD
  • Max Salfinger, MD
  • Jonathan M. Samet, MD
  • Lynn M. Schnapp, MD
  • Robert M. Senior, MD
  • Sanjay Sethi, MD
  • Gulshan Sharma, MD, MPH
  • Chang S. Shim, MD
  • Thomas M. Siler, MD
  • Jonathan M. Siner, MD
  • Shawn J. Skerrett, MD
  • Lewis J. Smith, MD
  • Guy W. Soo Hoo, MD, MPH
  • Ronald L. Sorkness, PhD
  • Peter H. S. Sporn, MD
  • Renee D. Stapleton, MD, PhD
  • Thomas B. Stibolt Jr., MD
  • Paul C. Stillwell, MD
  • Eileen Storey, MD, MPH
  • Tim K. Takaro, MD
  • John G. Teeter, MD
  • Fernando Torres, MD
  • Yuan-Po Tu, DVM, MD
  • Dona J. Upson, MD, MA
  • Robert Vassallo, MD
  • Bryan Veynovich, DO
  • Employees of Vitalograph
  • Louis P. Voigt, MD
  • Judith A. Voynow, MD
  • Jeanne M. Wallace, MD
  • Angela C. Wang, MD
  • Adam Wanner, MD
  • Mark D. Wewers, MD
  • Eric S. White, MD
  • Mark R. Windt, MD
  • Richard G. Wunderink, MD
  • Jason X-J Yuan, MD, PhD

Investigators: $250-$499
  • Yossef Aelony, MD
  • Vivek N. Ahya, MD
  • Richard K. Albert, MD
  • Nasir Ali, MD
  • Julian L. Allen, MD
  • Andrea J. Apter, MA, MD, MSc
  • Douglas A. Arenberg, MD
  • Kumar Ashutosh, MD
  • Jessie P. Bakker, PhD
  • Manuel José Barros, MD
  • Raquel R. Bartz, MD, MMCi
  • James M. Beck, MD
  • Elizabeth Bellocchio
  • Elwyn Berlekamp, PhD
  • John Bernardo, MD
  • Jahar Bhattacharya, MD
  • V. Courtney Broaddus, MD
  • Arnold R. Brody, PhD
  • James K. Brown, MD
  • Derek E. Byers, MD, PhD
  • Carolyn S. Calfee, MD
  • Janice W. Calloway
  • Brian Campbell
  • Roberto G. Carbone, MD
  • Kenneth Casey, MD, MPH
  • Margret Catanzaro
  • Pascal Chanez, MD, PhD
  • Jacqueline A. Chang, MD
  • Peter Chen, MD
  • David H. Chong, MD
  • Jason D. Christie, MD, MS
  • John W. Christman, MD
  • Ronald G. Collman, MD
  • Michael P. Coppola, MD
  • Kristina A. Crothers, MD
  • Jeanine M. D’Armiento, MD, PhD
  • Stephanie D. Davis, MD
  • Claire M. Doerschuk, MD
  • Gregory P. Downey, MD
  • Alexander G. Duarte, MD
  • Steven M. Dudek, MD
  • Raed A. Dweik, MD
  • Edward Eden, MD
  • Marie E. Egan, MD
  • Michael Eggert, MD
  • David J. Erle, MD
  • Neil A. Ettinger, MD
  • Barry L. Fanburg, MD
  • Henry E. Fessler, MD
  • Patricia W. Finn, MD
  • Kevin R. Flaherty, MD
  • Joseph M. Forrester, MD
  • Regina Frants, MD
  • Christine S. Fukui, MD
  • Prabhash C. Ganguli, MD
  • Edward R. Garrity Jr., MD, MBA
  • Joe K. Gerald, MD, PhD
  • Marilyn K. Glassberg Csete, MD
  • Robb W. Glenny, MD
  • John J. Godleski, MD
  • Jeffrey A. Golden, MD
  • Jeffrey R. Goldstein, Lung Transplant Foundation
  • Christopher H. Goss, MD, MSc
  • James R. Gossage, MD
  • John I. Gotchall, MD
  • Michael K. Gould, MD, MS
  • Yvette M. Gozzo, MD
  • Michael A. Grippi, MD
  • Angela Haczku, MD, PhD
  • Koichi Hagiwara, MD, PhD
  • Teal S. Hallstrand, MD, MPH
  • Aaron Hamvas, MD
  • MeiLan K. Han, MD, MS
  • Michelle S. Harkins, MD
  • Tina V. Hartert, MD, MPH
  • Jeffrey A. Haspel, MD, PhD
  • Robert Duncan Hite, MD
  • Joseph H. Hoffman, MD
  • Leslie A. Hoffman, PhD
  • Jeffrey C. Horowitz, MD
  • Steven K. Huang, MD
  • Chi Hung, MD
  • David H. Ingbar, MD
  • Charles G. Irvin, PhD
  • Tadashi Ishida, MD
  • Mark J. Ivanick, MD
  • Stuart L. Jacobs, MD
  • Carlos Jardim, MD, PhD
  • James R. Jett, MD
  • Dianhua Jiang, PhD, MD
  • Min J. Joo, MD, MPH
  • Ravi Kalhan, MD, MS
  • Naftali Kaminski, MD
  • David A. Kaminsky, MD
  • Robert J. Kaner, MD
  • Richard E. Kanner, MD
  • Steven T. Kariya, MD
  • Mani S. Kavuru, MD
  • Jack Kelly, Lymphangiomatosis and Gorhams’ Disease Alliance
  • Howard M. Kipen, MD, MPH
  • Steven H. Kirtland, MD
  • Phillip E. Korenblat, MD
  • Anastassios Constantin Koumbourlis, MD, MPH
  • Vibha N. Lama, MD, MS
  • Paul N. Lanken, MD
  • Frank T. Leone, MD
  • Albin B. Leong, MD
  • William Michael LeTourneau, BS, RRT
  • Fred Little, MD
  • Stephen H. Loring, MD
  • Sarah M. Lyon, MD
  • Lisa A. Maier, MD
  • Antara Mallampalli, MD
  • Carlos Martinez, MD, MPH
  • Fernando J. Martinez, MD, MS
  • John G. Mastronarde, MD, MSc
  • Praveen N. Mathur, MBBS
  • Michael D. McClellan, MD
  • Meredith C. McCormack, MD, MHS
  • Merry-Lynn McDonald, PhD
  • William W. Merrill, MD
  • Nuala Meyer, MD, MS
  • William S. Mezzanotte, MD
  • York E. Miller, MD
  • Sandra Mooney, MD
  • Bethany B. Moore, PhD
  • Wendy C. Moore, MD
  • Donald V. Morales, MD
  • Sandra Mara Moreira Amaral
  • John F. Murray, MD
  • Haydee Muse, MD, FCCP, MBA
  • Jay A. Nadel, MD
  • Edward A. Nardell, MD
  • Laurent P. Nicod, MD
  • Mark R. Nicolls, MD
  • Michael S. Niederman, MD
  • Richard J. O’Brien, MD
  • Anne E. O’Donnell, MD
  • Zentaro Ohno, MD
  • Theodore Oslick, MD
  • Caroline A. Owen, MD, PhD
  • Harold I. Palevsky, MD
  • Ralph J. Panos, MD
  • Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD
  • Polly E. Parsons, MD
  • Sam B. Patel, RPh, MBA
  • Sanjay R. Patel, MD
  • R. Stokes Peebles Jr., MD
  • William Peppo, DO
  • Rafael L. Perez, MD
  • Irina Petrache, MD
  • Kent E. Pinkerton, PhD
  • Jessica E. Pittman, MD, MPH
  • David M. Polaner, MD
  • Peter D. Potgieter, MD
  • Loretta G. Que, MD
  • J. Usha Raj, MD
  • David M. Rapoport, MD
  • Jonathan M. Raskin, MD
  • Carrie A. Redlich, MD, MPH
  • Joan Reibman, MD
  • Clement L. Ren, MD
  • Randall R. Reves, MD, MSc
  • Herbert Y. Reynolds, MD
  • Jeremy B. Richards, MD, MA
  • Dion M. Roberts, MD
  • John D. Roehrs, MD
  • William N. Rom, MD, MPH
  • David Bernard Rubin, MD
  • Katja Ruh, MD
  • Don B. Sanders, MD
  • Abdulghani Sankari, PhD, MD
  • Ghulam Us Saydain, MD
  • Neil W. Schluger, MD
  • Mary K. Schroth, FCCP, MD
  • Edward S. Schulman, MD
  • Richard J. Schwab, MD
  • Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD
  • Barry Shea, MD
  • Jane Sheffield
  • Anthony S. Shen, MD
  • Dean Sheppard, MD
  • Rebecca A. Shilling, MD
  • Joe Shindoh, MD
  • Deborah Shure, MD
  • Leonard Sicilian, MD
  • Thomas H. Sisson, MD
  • Douglas Smalley
  • Cecilia M. Smith, DO
  • Jan D. Smith, MBChB, FRCP
  • Evelyn and John Sommers
  • Fred Sommers
  • Michael L. Stanchina, MD
  • Theodore J. Standiford, MD
  • John L. Stauffer, MD
  • Kurt R. Stenmark, MD
  • Arvey M. Stone, MD
  • Ross S. Summer, MD
  • Mary E. Sunday, MD, PhD
  • Jag Sunderram, MD
  • Andrew M. Tager, MD
  • Osamu Taguchi, MD, PhD
  • Donald P. Tashkin, MD
  • Markus K. Tauscher, MD
  • Lance S. Terada, MD
  • Victor J. Thannickal, MD
  • Krishna Thavarajah, MD
  • B. Taylor Thompson, MD
  • Carey C. Thomson, MPH, MD
  • J. Daryl Thornton, MD, MPH
  • Bruce C. Trapnell, MD
  • William D. Travis, MD
  • Homer L. Twigg III, MD
  • Juliette L. Wait, MD
  • Yasmine S. Wasfi, MD
  • Leslie C. Watters, MD
  • Paul B. Weinberg, MD
  • Gloria E. Westney, MD
  • Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, MD
  • Sandra R. Wilson, PhD
  • Robert A. Wise, MD
  • Karen M. Wolf, MD
  • Paul J. Wolters, MD
  • Mark M. Wurfel, MD, PhD
  • Lisa R. Young, MD

Early Career Leaders
  • Raolat M. Abdulai, MD
  • Patrick Aguilar, MD
  • George Lawrence Anesi, MD, MBE
  • Sarah Beesley, MD
  • Robert J. Blount, MD
  • Christie Brillante, MD
  • Angel Brown, MD
  • Sarah Bui
  • Jose Cardenas-Garcia, MD
  • Andrea Michele Coverstone, MD
  • Erin Sullivan DeMartino, MD
  • Matthew Dennis, MD
  • Marc Shivok Diamond, MD
  • Paul Brian Dieffenbach, MD
  • Victor Zuniga Dourado, PhD
  • Christopher Thomas Erb, MD, PhD
  • Bashar I. Farjo, MD
  • Jutaro Fukumoto, MD, PhD
  • Alice Gallo de Moraes, MD
  • Marc Gauthier, MD
  • Yan Geng, PhD
  • Olivia Kathryn Giddings, PhD, MD
  • SeungHye Han, MD, MPH
  • Terri J. Harford, PhD
  • Kate Harris, BSc(Hons), MSc
  • Raewyn J. Hopkins, BN, MPH
  • Yeon Wook Kim, MD
  • Carl Koch, MD
  • Matthew Koslow, MD
  • Matthias C. Kugler, MD
  • Stephen Kuperberg, MD
  • Jungsil Lara Lee, MD
  • Claire E. McCarthy
  • Vera Nezgovorova, MD
  • Bugsu Ovunc, MD, PhD
  • Kate Elizabeth Powers, DO
  • Jo Ann Saba, MD
  • Benjamin Singer, MD, PhD
  • Vikas Singh, MD
  • Hataitip Tasena, MSc
  • Linh Tran, MD
  • Anila Vero, MD
  • David Vines, RRT, MHS
  • Tania T. Von Visger, APRN, CCRN, MSN, PCCN, CCNS
  • Milica Vukmirovic, PhD
  • Tarik Walker
  • Peipei Wang, MD
  • Na Xie, PhD
  • Ningyong Xu, BS

Staff Giving Campaign  
  • Meleta Adams
  • Stephen Altobelli
  • Nicole Anthony
  • Marc Bendian
  • Nicola Black
  • May Ling Brantman
  • Kevin Chiu
  • Aashna Choudhary, PHR
  • Eric Chu
  • Jihae Chung
  • Francine Comi
  • Judy Corn
  • Stephen C. Crane, PhD, MPH
  • Vladimir Crevecoeur
  • Nicole DeGennaro
  • Fran Du Melle
  • Lara Endreszl
  • Gary Ewart
  • Ally Felix
  • Stephanie Fulgione
  • Dorcas Gelabert
  • Diane Gern
  • Katrina Gorres
  • Nancy Guerrero
  • Eric Gumpert
  • Elizabeth Kay Guzman
  • Rhina Guzman, PHR
  • John Harmon
  • Barbara Horner
  • Christopher L. Hughes
  • Ho Young Hung
  • Jennifer A. Ian, MBA, CAE
  • Vlada Kaganovskaya
  • Alan Kantz
  • Brian Kell
  • Neil Kerley
  • Eileen Larsson
  • Kimberly Lawrence
  • Maribel Lim
  • Andre Lindsay
  • Fay Ling
  • Lauren G. Lynch
  • Shane McDermott
  • Stacy McManus, CEM
  • Mary Mobley
  • Erin Marie Nebel, MA
  • Lydia Neumann
  • Jennifer Nolan
  • Kyle O’Donnell
  • Zhen Ou
  • Shannon L. Payne
  • Breana Portelli
  • Lauren Rice
  • Jessica Lynn Rivera, MBA
  • Miriam Rodriguez
  • Liliana Rose
  • Aprille Russell
  • Jennifer Siegel-Gasiewski
  • Michelle Turenne
  • Sherryl-Anne F. Vega
  • Courtney White
  • Rory Williams
  • Kevin C. Wilson, MD

In Memory of
In Memory of Diane Argiros
  • Christopher L. Hughes
In Memory of Richard Bernhard
  • Richard Bernhard Estate
In Memory of Therese Blackshaw
  • Stacy McManus, CEM
In Memory of Dwayne Chapman
  • Elizabeth Kay Guzman
In Memory of Willa Mae Clark
  • Mary Mobley
In Memory of Roy and Joyce Clarke
  • Sherryl-Anne Vega
In Memory of Rose and Salvatore Comi
  • Francine Comi
In Memory of Bonnie Corn
  • Marjory Cohen
  • Judy Corn
  • Gerald Fine
  • Adele Fried
  • Barbara Kay
  • David Sterling
  • Sharon and Tom Wallsten
In Memory of Lester R. Corn, MD
  • Judy Corn
In Memory of Mary Lynn Badr
  • M. Safwan Badr, MD
In Memory of David V. Bates, MD
  • George D. Thurston, DSc
In Memory of Betty June Behney
  • Alice M. Boylan, MD
In Memory of Nancy J. Culligan
  • Lauren Lynch
In Memory of Maureen Donohue
  • James F. Donohue, MD
In Memory of Audrianna Dugan
  • Bob and Adele Balink
  • William Blake
  • Donna Brooks
  • James and Gaile Browne
  • Annis Buell
  • Sherry Burgeson
  • Janice Calloway
  • Dawson Engle
  • Rowland Foster
  • Carol Glendenning
  • Ariail Gores
  • Jim Kent
  • Jane Sheffield
  • Evelyn and John Sommers
  • Fred Sommers
In Memory of Jason Grogan
  • Richard Grogan
In Memory of Maureen Hack, MD
  • Ivor Douglas, MD
In Memory of Carolynn Grace Hicks
  • Marilynn Monroe
  In Memory of Stuart Hirst, MD
  • Jane Bourke, MD
In Memory of Chin-Tang Huang, MD
  • Laurence Huang, MD
In Memory of Richard Witherington Hyde, MD
  • John Shigeoka, MD
In Memory of Leon Katz, MD
  • Stephen Kuperberg, MD
In Memory of Tommie Kelley
  • Denise Allison
In Memory of Young-Jee Kim, MD
  • Stacey Peterson-Carmichael, MD
In Memory of Ruth McCoy
  • James F. Donohue, MD
In Memory of Barbara and Patrick McDermott
  • Shane McDermott
In Memory of Ila McKinney
  • Martha Brice
  • JeVerna Haynes
  • Stone, Rudolph & Henry, PLC
  • James Williams
  • Barbara Wooten
  • Stephanie Wooten
In Memory of Robert B. Mellins, MD
  • Beverley Sheares, MD
In Memory of Frances Mularski
  • Richard Mularski, MD
In Memory of Julio Cesar Naranjo
  • Nancy Guerrero
In Memory of Gene Parris
  • Helen Wills
In Memory of Grace Ellen Richards
  • Allyson Peck
In Memory of Marcellino Rivas, Jr.
  • Fred Lara
In Memory of Evelyn Russell
  • Aprille Russell
In Memory of Barry Snyder
  • Stacey Barry
  • Neal Curran
  • Randi and Ryan McCurry
  • Mark Moloney
  • Anne Potter
  • Ilana Reeves
  • Jacqueline Yowell
In Memory of Cosimo Tino
  • Gregory Tino, MD
In Memory Galen Toews
  • Robert Paine, MD
In Memory of Amar Nath Verma
  • Renu Gupta
In Memory of Trude Wahl
  • Thomas Ferro, MD
In Memory of Jo Rae Wright, PhD
  • Eileen Larsson

In Honor of
In Honor of Ashley Appell   In Honor of Susan Sandow
  • Brian Kell
  • Brian Sandow
In Honor of Naftali Kaminski, MD In Honor of Marvin Schwarz, MD
  • Joseph Forrester, MD
  • Philip Gold, MD
  • Polly Parsons, MD
  • Yuan-Po Tu, MD
  • Yasmine Wasfi, MD
  • Yingze Zhang, MD
  • Erica Herzog, MD
In Honor of Elizabeth Lashley
  • Carolyn Kercsmar, MD
In Honor of Averill Liebow, MD
  • Jerrold Abraham, MD
In Honor of Karen Loss
  • Anne L’Heureux
In Honor of Jon Swenson
In Honor of Jay Nadel, MD
  • Joan Clark, MD
  • Arthur Gelb, MD
In Honor of Sally E. Wenzel, MD
In Honor of Alan and Deborah Nebel
  • Andrew M. Tager, MD
  • Erin Marie Nebel, MA
In Honor of The Wisconsin Allergy and Pulmonary Team
In Honor of Charles Powell, MD
  • Nizar N. Jarjour, MD
  • Miriam Rodriguez
In Honor of Richard Zuwallack, MD
In Honor of Lynn F. Reinke, PhD, APRN,BC
  • Carolyn Rochester, MD
  • Miriam Rodriguez
In Honor of Steven Sahn  
  • John Heffner, MD

In Honor of My Mentor
In Honor of My Mentor Reuben Cherniack, MD   In Honor of My Mentor David Orenstein, MD
  • Talmadge E. King Jr., MD
  • Blakeslee E. Noyes, MD
In Honor of My Mentor Cara Gottardi, MD In Honor of My Mentor Claude Piantadosi, MD
  • Anna Lam, MD
  • Stephen P. Kantrow, MD
In Honor of My Mentor James C. Hogg, MD, PhD In Honor of My Mentor Arnold Platzker, MD
  • Claire M. Doerschuk, MD
  • Angela D. Ramos, MD
In Honor of My Mentor Michael Konstan, MD In Honor of My Mentor Marvin Schwarz, MD
  • James Chmiel, MD, MPH
  • David B. Badesch, MD
In Honor of My Mentor Patty Lee, MD In Honor of My Mentor Dean Sheppard, MD
  • Maor Sauler, MD
  • Mallar Bhattacharya, MD
In Honor of My Mentor Michael Matthay, MD In Honor of My Mentor Larry Wood, MD
  • Mallar Bhattacharya, MD
  • Jesse B. Hall, MD
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