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Early Career Leaders

Benjamin Singer, MD, PhD
Thank you to the 2016 Early Career Leaders, ATS members who have made gifts early in their careers to the ATS Foundation!

“I give to the ATS Foundation because I have a strong sense that we should get in the habit of supporting institutions that we believe in early in our careers. I think it is important to show in a small, concrete way that I support the ATS Foundation mission,” says Benjamin Singer, MD, PhD, fellow, University of Michigan, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

  • Raolat M. Abdulai, MD
  • Ayodeji O. Adegunsoye, MD
  • Roger Argelio Alvarez, DO, MPH, MS
  • George Lawrence Anesi, MD, MBE
  • Lauren Brown Angotti, MD
  • Alicia Annamalay, BMedSci
  • Nicholas Arger, MD
  • Wint Aye, MBBS, MD
  • Kavitha Bagavathy, MD
  • Lynn Baniak, PhD, RN
  • Jarrod Wesley Barnes, PhD
  • Joseph Stanley Bednash, MD
  • Laura Brenner, MD
  • Christie Brillante, MD
  • Paul Brown, PhD
  • Russell Glen Buhr, MD
  • Wilfredo De Jesus-Rojas, MD
  • Myra Grace Dela Pena-Ponce, PhD
  • Iheanacho Obinnaya Emeruwa, MD, MBA
  • Thomaz A. Fleury Curado, MD
  • Yan Geng, PhD
  • Mareike Gierhardt
  • Matthew Gordon, MD
  • Jane Hadfield, MBBS
  • Kambez Hajipouran Benam, PhD
  • Raewyn J. Hopkins, BN, MPH
  • Muqueet Kadri, MD
  • Anisha Kamath, MD
  • Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD
  • Joseph Kojo Kittah, MD
  • Hrishikesh Satish Kulkarni, MD
  • Rahul Kumar, PhD
  • Alison Lennox, MD
  • Zhan Liang, MSN, RN
  • Chris Chaeha Lim, MS
  • Anna Lorenz, MS
  • Masoud Mahdavian, MD
  • Mathieu Marcoux, MD
  • Stephanie Maximous, MD
  • Matthew Brendan McCarra, MD
  • Claire E. McCarthy
  • Amanda Messinger, MD
  • Howraman Meteran, MD
  • Kathryn Maude Milne, MD
  • Yoshinori Minami, MD, PhD
  • Shaili Nepal, MBBS, MD
  • Abesh Niroula, MD
  • Ajanta Patel, MD, MPH
  • Ameer Zaighum Rasheed, MD
  • Raju Reddy, MD
  • Slade Dylan Reisner
  • Fernanda Ribeiro, MSc, PT
  • Luis Rodriguez, BS
  • Jason J. Rose, MD
  • Arnoldo de Jesus Santos, MD, PhD
  • Michelle Sharp, MD
  • Briana Short, MSc, MD
  • Benjamin Singer, MD, PhD
  • Saurabh Singh, MD
  • Tomeka Lynetta Suber, MD, PhD
  • Shashvat Sukhal, MD
  • Reina Suzuki, MD
  • Neeladevi Swetadri, MBBS
  • Mayanka Tickoo, MD, MS
  • Aaron Trimble, MD
  • Daniel Vena, MHS
  • James M. Walter, MD
  • George Weldon Williams II, DO
  • Benjamin Wu, MD
  • Haik Yanashyan, MD
  • Joo Heung Yoon, MD
  • Michelle Yu, MD, PhD
  • Jeannette Zinggeler Berg, MD, PhD

Benefits for Early Career Leaders include:

  • Special recognition at the ATS International Conference
  • Listing in the Honor Roll of Contributors online and in ATS Foundation publications
  • Subscription to the ATS Foundation Bulletin
  • Giving club ribbon to wear proudly at the ATS International Conference
  • Use of the ATS Foundation’s Donor Appreciation Suite at the ATS International Conference
  • Opportunities for preferred hotels in the ATS International Conference host city*
  • Invitations to special networking events throughout the year and at the ATS International Conference
  • Special updates on how your generosity is making a difference

The Early Career Leadership Circle recognizes in-training members making gifts of any size.

*Donors making gifts of $1,000 or more will receive special reservation opportunities at one of three preferred hotels during ATS International Conferences. Please be sure to book by February 15 to ensure availability.

*Donors making gifts of $2,500 or more will receive special reservation opportunities at their number one hotel choice during ATS International Conferences. Please be sure to book by February 15 to ensure availability.

The ATS supports the ATS Foundation’s administrative expenses, assuring that every dollar contributed goes directly to support programs.