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Even Modest Grants Matter a Lot to a Young Researcher


Talmadge King, Jr., MD

“When fellows at the University of California, San Francisco, get an ATS Foundation Research Program grant,” says Talmadge King, Jr., MD, dean of the school of medicine, “they are thrilled.”

Dr. King relates to their experience. When he was a second-year fellow at the University of Colorado, he got a grant from the Lung Association of Colorado. It wasn’t for a lot of money, “but it mattered a lot.” With that support, he hired a statistician to help analyze data from his experiments.

The grant also gave Dr. King moral support. “To have someone recognize what I was doing and encourage me to keep going was motivating.” Today, Dr. King is an authority in treating interstitial lung disease and in researching its causes and potential cures.

He is also a past president of the American Thoracic Society, who, as a founding member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, has been committed to its Research Program “since Day 1.”

Why? “It supports a new generation working in this challenging field.”


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