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Meet Laura Steves


Research Key to Understanding Asthma Types

Laura Steves was just six when she had to make a decision that no child should have to make. Recently diagnosed with asthma, her parents could not afford the three medications her pediatrician prescribed once the samples he gave her ran out. “Mija”—my dear daughter—“which one of these works best for you,” her anxious father asked.

Until she went to college, Laura’s asthma therapy was a rescue inhaler.

Severe flare-ups have dogged the clinical psychologist, who has to work out of her home. Her two sons also have asthma. Fortunately, she can afford the medicines her children need to control their asthma. Working with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Laura wants to make sure that other families can as well.

She also believes that research on the disease must grow. “There is much more to learn about asthma and its many socioeconomic, demographic, and environmental factors that make it such a varied disease.”

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your story!

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