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Summer 2018 Bulletin

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Summer 2018 Issue

Letter From Dean Schraufnagel, MD, Foundation Chair

Dean Schraufnagel, MD

Our efforts to expand the Research Program recently got an important boost with the addition of five new members to our board. With these new members, the board better represents the range of stakeholders needed to find cures or better treatments for respiratory disease, critical care illnesses, and sleep disorders and will help us attract more resources for promising researchers, here in the U.S. and internationally. Continue...

Your Generosity at Work

Jennifer Seaman

Jennifer Seaman, PhD, RN, a 2017 ATS Foundation Nursing Research Awardee, hopes to change a disheartening statistic: only about 1 in 10 ICUs has a protocol for meetings with families whose loved ones are critically ill.

“We found several barriers to holding these meetings, from time pressures to the misperception that these meetings are only about end-of-life issues,” Dr. Seaman says. “Nearly half the doctors said these family meetings were emotionally draining.” Continue...

Patient Stories: "With NTM, I Live an Every Other Day Life"

Christa Warden

When Christa Warden broke her hip in January, her first concern wasn’t impending surgery, it was that she might die if she caught a respiratory infection in the ER.

Since being diagnosed with nontuberculous mycobacteria (after years of misdiagnosis), Christa, who recently turned 70, has gone down the rabbit hole of a debilitating disease with no cure and no specific treatments. Continue...

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