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Success! Thanks for supporting the ATS Foundation Research Program!

Dear Colleague,

I’m thrilled to report that the ATS Foundation has surpassed its $500,000 research goal by more than $60,000. My heartfelt thanks to you and the many members—new and old—who helped the Foundation gallop into 2014. Our success is your success.

Your generous financial contributions will enable us to provide additional support for our unrestricted and matching grant programs, as well as our efforts to maintain and increase the supply of researchers in the fields of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. Please stay tuned for the specifics on how your contributions will be used in 2014.

I’m writing also to give you a quick overview of what is happening at the Foundation. It is vitally important that we continue to expand our support of vulnerable young investigators. They are the key to opening up new horizons of scientific discovery and medical innovation and to a brighter future for patients burdened by lung disease. Toward that end, I am excited to report that the Foundation is convening a 10th Anniversary Task Force whose charge is to develop and articulate a plan for growing the ATS Foundation Research Program over the next three years.

Please don’t forget the Sixth Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit taking place on Saturday, May 17, in San Diego. The evening honors Dr. William Busse, the 2014 recipient of the ATS Foundation Breathing for Life Award. I invite you to join us for a fun event recognizing a great researcher, educator, and philanthropist. For more information and to register:  http://conference.thoracic.org/2014/registration-instructions.

Also, the Foundation will hold a social networking event in Boston on April 8. The evening will recognize that city’s institutions and individuals that have been a great source of support for the Research Program. This is also an effort to introduce ATS members in Boston who are not familiar with the Research Program about how they can help. If you live in Boston and wish to join us, or if you are interested in holding a similar event in your area, please contact: Erin Marie Nebel at emnebel@thoracic.org.

I wish you all a very Happy 2014—filled with good health and happiness, as we work together to advance the science and practice of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.  Thank you again for your support and for the trust in our work that your contributions imply.


James F. Donohue, MD
Chair, ATS Foundation